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Boxoffice Reporting Policies

POLLSTAR accepts reports for any event performed at any venue that has tickets for sale to the public. We publish statistics on sellouts, financial disasters and everything in between. Any legitimate event will be considered for publication in our Live Boxoffice. Processing time usually takes about one week to 10 days from the time the event report is submitted. At our discretion some reports will be sent directly to the web and not listed in our print publication. Reports are processed in the order they are submitted and published in the weekly issue as space permits.

Performer names and event titles should be submitted under their full and correct names. Please include any and all performers that appeared at the event in the order of their importance. Venues should also be submitted under the full and correct name of the venue where the event took place, not the name of the complex that the venue is in. Nicknames and abbreviations for performers, events, or venue names may be misinterpreted. Event reports submitted under a complex name will be assigned to a venue within the complex determined by the capacity listed on the event report. Pollstar is not responsible for misreported data. In the event that a curtained setup of a venue has a different name please report the information under the actual name of the venue.

Our Route Book department receives tour information from agents and will often have support artists and other names for events. Because of the nature of their information, if an event reported is listed in our database as a festival, or if additional support artists are listed, we will include this information as part of the event report. Please report gross and ticket price in the native currency of the country where the event occurred. Native currencies are converted to U.S. Dollars with exchange rate current to the month the event took place. Any currencies for event reports outside of the U.S. reported in U.S. currency will be converted to the native currency of the country where the event occurred.

Ticket price should be the face value of the tickets available to the general public. Gross should be the total monies received from ticket sales. Do not include taxes, outlet, or venue fees in total gross. Do not include complimentary tickets, or production kills on the Tickets Sold line. Submissions should also subtract complimentary tickets, and production kills from the capacity of the venue to give an accurate representation of the tickets available for sale (“Sellable Capacity”). Non-Ticketed events, or “FREE” events are not eligible for submission.

For events with multiple shows, the tickets sold and gross should be combined and the capacity should represent the average capacity of the engagement. If you combine the capacity of a multi-show / multi-day engagement we cannot guarantee that we will be able to correct the capacity before we publish the event report. Our online form will calculate the percentage sold based on sellable capacity and tickets sold, so please double-check that your percentage sold is correct before submitting the event report. Multi-show / multi-day engagements longer than seven days should be broken out and reported in multiple reports representing weekly figures. If you report each individual show of a multi-show / multi-day engagement you risk the chance that we may make a mathematical error that we are not responsible for. The start and end date should be listed in the date span fields. Event reports for multi-show / multi-date engagements, and for static performing arts events should be reported on a week-by-week basis. We do not combine these events after the run is completed.

We suggest you report on a weekly basis, however reports up to approximately three months before our weekly production deadline will be considered for print. Any reports submitted for events taking place more than approximately three months before our deadline will be entered in our database as archive information for tour history and used for our quarterly charts. Late or bulk submissions on or near the deadline of quarterly ticket sales charts risk non-inclusion due to resources needed to handle such volume close to print deadline. Should you have any events that are “Not For Publication,” or “For cumulative totals only,” etc., please contact us prior to submitting the data on a circumstantial basis.

Reports are accepted directly from talent buyers and venues. Agents and managers can submit information, but the information must be confirmed with the talent buyer, or venue before we publish the data. Because of this, data submitted from an “Artist Representative” MUST be submitted through the Online Boxoffice Report Form. If the “Confirmation” e-mail bounces we will not process the report. This will ensure all parties involved are aware of the submission and provide us with all the necessary information to process your report. An “Artist Representative” can only submit boxoffice data for events where their acts are the headliner of the event being submitted. Festival boxoffice figures must come from the festival promoter / organizer directly. If you have festival figures you would like Pollstar to review, please contact us via the information below with the event figures and buyer contact information. Do NOT submit this information through our online reporting form. Keep in mind that no particular act will receive credit for the gross figures under review. If accepted, festival figures will serve as historical data for the festival itself. We strongly encourage agents and managers to ask talent buyers and venues to report the information to speed up the publication process. Many agents include reporting to Pollstar in their artist contracts and include a copy of our reporting form in the rider. To access our Online Boxoffice Report Form go to An e-mail will be automatically sent to the “Confirmation Contact.”

Once submitted, an event report can only be retracted if it can be proved that the information is false. Data already published into our database can only be updated by the promoter, venue, or original reporter of the data. The buyer will ultimately have final approval of the data with any conflicts to be determined by them for final adjustment.
Updated: 05/02/2018

DISCLAIMER: Pollstar strongly encourages regular reporting via our Online Boxoffice Report Form ( Weekly reporting is preferred. Any report not submitted via the online form is at risk for interpretation that Pollstar is not responsible for. Internal documents and bulk reporting are strongly discouraged and extremely taxing on our limited resources. Any document that requires formatting, resizing, or manipulation of any kind by Pollstar is at risk of mistakes that Pollstar is not responsible for. Incomplete reports submitted are not considered received by Pollstar until data is complete. Illegible reports will be discarded at the risk of the reporter. Time spent on the processing of internal, and/or handwritten submissions will delay processing of all data.

If you have any questions about these Boxoffice department policies please feel free to contact our Boxoffice Editor, Bradley J. Rogers at 559-271-7900, or [email protected].